Human Settlement

Developing Smart Cities for Low-Income Communities

Daggafontien Social HousingConstruction is on-going in some of the City’s new mega housing projects – namely John Dube, Chief Albert Luthuli and Daggafontein.

The “MEGA City” concept will address the shortfalls in health, education, economic-wellbeing, psychological well-being, safety and social cohesion.

These new mega projects are supported by the Gauteng Department of Human Settlement will have a total yield of 27 154 units, aimed at addressing the need for affordable housing in Ekurhuleni.

Daggafontein Mega Housing Project (Edelweis Extention 3)

The Daggafontein mega housing development is one of many housing projects set to create a new standard of integrated mixed housing. The development is situated in Edelweiss Township within the town of Springs and is expected to yield 16 940 mixed housing covering an area of approximately 750ha and is divided into three portions, A, B and C.

Project Deliverables – Social Amenities

The site has been in addition earmarked for mixed-use developments, commercial, housing and other social and public facilities that include-schools, hospital, police stations, parks and multi-purpose halls, shopping centre, Industrial stands, PRASA railway and bus routes.

This development is estimated to cost about R10 billion. The anticipated construction period for the development is five years and social amenities deliverables are expected to be completed in a 10-year period.

Building Friendly Neighbourhoods through Diversity and Inclusion

The development aims to break down social and economic boundaries, by creating a community where children are not disadvantaged by legacies of the past. A development where there is no distinction between race, background or financial stature.

Socio and Economic Transformation

It is estimated that the construction activities in the development would generate an excess of 7500-job opportunities ranging from General Labour to Senior Management as well as the creation of SMME’s.

It is envisaged that the number of long term job opportunities that will be created from the Development deliverables after the Construction will be approximately 3 500.