Human Settlement

Glen Marikana Move Resumes After Court Verdict

The relocation of Glen Marikana informal settlement residents resumed today, 5 March 2020.

This follows the temporary halt of the move after some residents turned to the Gauteng High Court on Monday, 2 March, to interdict the relocation process.

Residents are being relocated to a portion of land in Putfontein, following a High Court ruling in November 2018 to relocate close to 3 000 residents of the informal settlement on Dann Road from the private land illegally occupied since 2017.

Some residents claimed that the City did not fully comply with the relocation court order in relation to provision of basic services.

Member of Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Human Settlements Cllr Lesiba Mpya, commenting after the court ruling, announced that the Glen Marikana relocation had been restored after the rule of law had prevailed on Thursday, 5 March 2020.

Mpya said, ‘’The relocation process will now continue without hindrance and our commitment to give the Glen Marikana occupiers dignity and habitable life through better services will be realised. Putfontein is being progressively prepared and residents are being relocated.”

The MMC also said the new site has been prepared in a re-blocked formation so that the residents can access roads and piped water, including ablution facilities and a mobile clinic.