Human Settlement

Preventing Housing Fraud and Corruption

Residents are urged to report housing fraud and corruption. This includes the illegal sale and occupation of RDP houses, illegal selling of municipal-owned land or even officials asking for payment to add you on the housing database.

Housing beneficiaries must not pay anyone alleging that they can add them to housing waiting lists or give them a property.

In the fight against corruption, a range of measures have been brought in to prevent corruption, including measures in the administration system.

The City is also putting in place complaints management mechanisms to ensure that complaints from citizens are appropriately handled and responded to.

Member of the Mayoral Committee for Human Settlements Cllr Lesiba Mpya said, “We urge the public to continue reporting all housing fraud to the City’s Anti-Fraud and Corruption hotline on 0800 102 201.”

Housing fraud includes:

  • Unlawfully paying money or making any benefits to council officials in return for an RDP house, service stands or rented council property or stands.
  • Queue jumping.
  • Council officials soliciting money in return for rendering human settlements services.
  • Forgery of a prospective beneficiaries’ signature, or impersonating a beneficiary as well as unlawful occupation of RDP houses.
  • Sub-letting RDP houses or property without permission.
  • Unlawfully paying or offering money to municipal staff in return for municipal land or RDP housing.