A Closer Look at Benoni Museum

Museum is an institution in which objects or historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural importance are stored and exhibited.

Benoni Museum is one facility within the City that holds the history and stories of where we come from.

The museum was established in 1994 and the house which it operates from was initially a clinic until it was later converted into a museum.

It is an historical museum which represent the history of Benoni, the history of mining sector, African musical instruments and basic African households’ necessities,

“Museums are there to preserve a culture and contribute to nation building and social cohesion, it also supplements formal education in the form of edutainment, therefore based on that we encourage the community to visit our museums’’ said  Manager for Heritage and Museum in the City, Fhatuwani Rambau.

Sadly, the museum will until further notice remains closed due to the Covid -19 pandemic.