Office of The Executive Mayor


The announcement by ESKOM that the country will once again be plunged into indefinite Stage 6 load-shedding highlights the importance of independent power production (IPP) to keep the lights on in Ekurhuleni.

Upon assuming office, one of the immediate actions taken by this multi-party coalition was to expedite the city’s IPP programme which resulted in the signing off of 47 agreements to tackle this matter head-on.

Throughout the course of this year, various IPP projects will come online and feed back into the energy grid resulting in just under 150 MW when fully complete.

I would also like to encourage businesses and residents who are generating electricity to engage with the city to feed this surplus back into our grid.

Not only do these unprecedented levels of load-shedding have a detrimental impact on the economy of Ekurhuleni, but it also shortens the lifespan of the city’s energy network.

This multi-party coalition is taking proactive steps to mitigate the impact of load-shedding on our residents and businesses. 

Issued by the Office of the Executive Mayor of the City of Ekurhuleni