Outages Alert


The City of Ekurhuleni is experiencing technical challenges with electricity distribution equipment after load shedding. This is exacerbated by the high stages of load shedding currently experienced.

Restoration after load shedding will be done gradually by our technicians to protect substation equipment from severe damage. It may take up to two hours after the load shedding scheduled restoration time to fully restore a load shedding block.

Residents are urged to switch off all non-essential appliances after load shedding to assist to shorten restoration times.  Residents can log a call with the call centre on 0860 54 3000 should power not be restored two hours after the ending of scheduled load shedding for the affected load shedding block.

Residents are reminded to always treat all electrical outlets as live and report all third-party interference that may happen during load shedding, like theft, tampering and vandalism, and where possible provide evidence like photos.