Public Engagements

Gender Based Violence Workshop in Thembisa

GBV Workshop Pic 2Amidst recent national reports of a surge in gender based violence (GBV) cases, a dialogue was held in Thembisa to engage on interventions that could be taken in combating this scourge.

Thembisa had been identified as one of the GBV hotspots in Gauteng. This engagement also provided an intricate understanding into the complexity of GBV incidences and aided in sensitising councillors and ward committee members in the area on how to respond when called to intervene.

“When members of the community look at councillors, they don’t only see agents of service delivery; they see leaders who can help beyond that. This is why councillors must be capacitated to respond,” said Speaker of Council, Alderman Patricia Kumalo.

In future, ward based GBV programmes will be rolled out to assist in localising interventions.

Issued by Ekurhuleni Legislature