Public Engagements


I call for calm to immediately be restored in Thembisa. Citizens have the constitutional right to protest, however, such acts of arson and vandalism to public infrastructure will not be tolerated.

Last week, I delegated five Members of the Mayoral Committee to engage residents on the memorandum they submitted to the city. However, that meeting unfortunately collapsed and failed to reach any resolutions.

I will be contacting the Premier of the Gauteng Province through our inter-governmental relations channels to develop a coordinated approach to the impasse by Government.  As a Multi-Party Coalition Government, we are concerned that the visuals we are witnessing in Thembisa are no longer community-based, but rather a well-orchestrated operation to render the township ungovernable. We believe that the current destruction of public infrastructure is politically motivated and intended to undermine the progress of the new administration.

As a Multi-Party Coalition Government, our door has always been open to engage, and we have been engaging with the Thembisa Business Forum as per their memorandum concerns.

To the residents of Thembisa, please remain safe and trust that our law enforcement authorities will restore law and order in the area.