Public Notice

Have Your Say In The City’s Bioregional Plan Review

The City is reviewing its bioregional plan and interested and affected parties are invited to be a part of this.

The purpose of the bioregional plan is to inform land-use planning, environmental assessment and authorisations, and natural resource management by a range of sectors whose policies and decisions have an impact on biodiversity.

This is done by providing a map of biodiversity priority areas, with accompanying land use planning and decision-making guidelines. The plan intends to feed into a range of multi-sectoral planning and assessment processes such as environmental management frameworks (EMFs), Spatial Development Frameworks (SDFs), Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs) and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), and to support and streamline environmental decision-making.

Interested parties must submit their details to:

Dr Greer Hawley: PO Box 8145, East London, 5210

Tel: 043 726 7809   I     E-mail: