Service Delivery Interruptions


GERMISTON – The City of Ekurhuleni recently received a letter from Eskom informing the municipality that all customers will now be affected by load shedding in line with the new directive. In actual fact, Eskom has taken over the full loadshedding operation.

“Eskom will effective immediately implement load shedding at all the stations that were handed over

to the city in line with the obligations outlined in NRS 048-9:2017 (Edition 2) to protect the integrity

and stability of the National Grid,” reads the letter from Eskom to the City.

In the meantime, the city will be engaging Eskom not to shed some of our critical substations in areas with a high concentration of large industries, because this will not only impact the economy of the region but also threatens jobs. 

“We are an economic hub and therefore, we are looking forward to positive engagements with the power utility bearing in mind the valuable contribution of industry to the economy,” explains metro spokesman Zweli Dlamini.

The city will be proposing load curtailment during negotiation with Eskom. Load curtailment is the load reduction obtained from customers who can reduce demand on instruction. This also means that in the event of an emergency declaration, industrial customers must be able to reduce their load by a certain percentage.