Service Delivery Interruptions


The City of Ekurhuleni has received notification from Rand Water regarding the implementation of Stage 2 water restrictions due to a rapid reduction in their reservoir levels.

Already the restrictions have resulted in some parts of the City experiencing low to no water supply.

The water supply utility stated that over the last two weeks, water consumption had increased significantly resulting in a decline in the overall reservoir storage capacity from 52% to 38%.

These restrictions are to ensure that the overall reservoir storage capacity is restored back to 60%. Therefore, customers are requested to adopt water saving measures to conserve water during this period of supply restrictions.

Water saving measures include:

  • Use a bucket instead of a hosepipe to wash your car;
  • Water gardens between sunset and sunrise and not during the day;
  • Avoid washing pavements with hosepipes, instead use a broom to sweep;
  • Turn off the tap while brushing teeth;
  • Repair leaking taps immediately;
  • Avoid turning taps on fully and turn them off after use;
  • Don’t leave the tap running while shaving;
  • Cover swimming pools to prevent quick water evaporation;
  • Install low flow restrictions on taps at home;
  • Use cold water to wash hands not hot water;
  • Re-use bath water to water the garden; and
  • Use water-efficient dishwashers.

Consumers are requested to adopt water savings measures. Affected areas will be confirmed in due course.