Service Delivery Interruptions


The City of Ekurhuleni is pleased to inform residents, that water supply has been fully reinstated to all areas that were recently affected by water supply interruptions.

The main reasons for the water supply interruptions experienced by residents in the past weeks were the recent heatwave which resulted in more water demand, and loadshedding, thus depleting the reserves.

While water supply has been restored to customers, the City’s spokesperson Zweli Dlamini urges residents to continue using water sparingly amidst factors that contribute to water outages.

“Ekurhuleni engineers will continue to work tirelessly to minimise prolonged interruptions. However, interruptions can be expected, especially during loadshedding as the pumps at reservoirs need electricity to push water up into a tower, which then provides enough pressure to feed the water supply network,” Dlamini said.

Dlamini further adds that the City continues to monitor its water supply systems closely and communities also need to come on board in preserving this precious resource by fixing water leaks on their property and report municipal burst pipes. 

The City of Ekurhuleni will continue to work in partnership with Rand Water to mitigate any prolonged water supply interruption.

In preserving water, members of the public are encouraged to:

  • avoid washing cars with hosepipes, but rather use buckets;
  • avoid watering gardens during the day opt for early morning or evening hours;
  • rather sweep than use a hosepipe to clean pavements;
  • turn off taps while brushing teeth;
  • take short showers and avoid filling the bathtub; and
  • re-use water as much as possible – water from washing clothes, rinsing fruit and vegetables can be reused for other purposes.