Service Delivery

240ℓ Wheelie Bins Available for Collection at Duduza Customer Care Centre

Residents in the Duduza who have lost their 240ℓ wheelie bins through theft or damage can collect new ones at the customers care centre.

In case of a stolen 240ℓ wheelie bin, customers need a sworn affidavit stating how and when it was lost – this can be done at the nearest police station. The affidavit must be brought with when visiting the customer care centre, together with ID and your municipal statement of account so that a new bin can be issued.

Where a bin has been damaged during weekly collection, residents must take a photo of the bin. The photo, together with your ID and municipal statement of account must be taken to the customer care centre in order for a new bin to be issued.  

Peter Radebe (60) from Masechaba in Duduza had his bin stolen visited the customer care centre to get a replacement.  

“My 240ℓ wheelie bin was stolen outside my gate after I took it out to be emptied by the municipal workers. Unfortunately, I was not at home on that day so my bin was left on the street and I guess someone just took it. I reported it at the customer care centre and was told to get my documents and come back to get a new bin,” Radebe said.

Residents are reminded that it is important to use the 240ℓ wheelie bin provided by the municipality, given that waste removal officials are not allowed to pick up refuse contained in plastic bags.

Furthermore, residents are urged to stick to the 07h00 time in the morning to put out their bins ready for collection on the set calendar days.