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New tariffs for the removal of street trees in the city have come into effect for the new financial year –2021/2022 financial year.

The fee for removing a street tree for an additional driveway will be determined by the size

of the tree such as the diameter of the tree trunk one meter above ground level, as follows:

Stem Diameter of Tree at

1m above Ground Level

New Tariffs for 2021/2022

(Including VAT)

0 to 150mm

R4 263

150 to 300mm

R8 515

300 to 600mm

R17 051


R34 102

The removal of a tree for a driveway shall only be done on the recommendation of the city’s

roads department.

In addition, before the removal of the tree, the responsible horticulturist must determine the value of the tree using the Helliwell System of Tree Evaluation approved by Council on 26 March 2002.

The Helliwell System used to calculate the value of a tree is as follows:

A x B x C x D x E x F x G = Total Value of Tree

 A = size of tree;

B = useful life expectancy of tree;

C = importance of position of tree in landscape;

D = presence of other trees in the vicinity of the tree concerned;

E = aesthetics of the tree;

F = form of tree;

G = botanical value of tree

As such, residents are urged to visit their nearest customer care centres for more enquiries before cutting down municipal trees on the sideways.



PIC 1: Tree planted on pavement by municipal officials, cut down by residents.