Service Delivery

City Continues To Clean Stormwater Drains

The Department of Roads and Stormwater in the City continue to clean and unblock stormwater drains, and were in Kempton Park CBD this week.

A heap of debris was removed from inside the stormwater drain in Margaret Street and, according to the department, blocked stormwater drains are the main cause of flooding when it rains.

“We continually check and fix all our stormwater infrastructure to keep residents safe and protected from floods. We encourage our residents to report all road-related or any service delivery issues through the City’s platforms and we will respond on time,” said Head of the Department Sizwe Cele.

The City urges residents to refrain from dumping objects inside drains, as that is the main reason for most blockages.

Report service delivery issues to the call centre on 0860 543 000, on My CoE App or email