Service Delivery

City Fixes Pomona Potholes

Following complaints from residents that the potholes were dangerous, damaging their cars and posing a danger to motorists, the City’s Department of Roads and Stormwater dispatched a team to address the issue. Great North and West roads was their destination.

Walter De Bruin, who runs a business along the Great North Road, was the happiest following the quick intervention by the City.

“These potholes have been negatively impacting our businesses. People were no longer driving along this road because of the damage to their cars and I was losing business,” he said.

De Bruin thanked the City for heeding to their call as a community of Pomona. The City is hard at work ensuring all Ekurhuleni roads are maintained.

Residents can report potholes and other road and service-related issues through the My CoE App or Call Centre on 0860 543 000/email