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City Readies for Summer Rains by Clearing Storm Water Drains

stormwater cleaningPreparations for the summer rains are under way as the City’s Department of Roads and Storm water cleans out the storm water drains.

This involves removing all objects thrown down the drains and cleaning of all the pipes, which will allow for the free flow of water when it rains and avoid flooding.

Residents play a major role in alerting the City to blockages and they are encouraged to report them. The signs of a blocked drain is usually water gushing out of pipes and flooding on the property. Blocked storm water drains are also a cause of potholes because when the road is constantly damp, it is easy for the top surface to crumble.

Communities are urged not to dump objects in the drains or in the open where it can wash away into the storm water drainage system. Cases of drains blocked with paper and even building rubble have been found.

Please report all storm water related matters on My CoE App or the call centre on 0860 543 000 /