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Germiston – The City of Ekurhuleni regrets to inform the public that our official Facebook Page has been hacked. We have already reached out to Meta, the parent company of Facebook, for assistance in resolving the issue.

Our ICT department is currently working diligently to reclaim our Facebook Page and restore it to its original state. It must be stated that the site is not hosted in the City, and it is not part of the City’s infrastructure environment.

We urge everyone to exercise caution when engaging with any unauthorized pages that claim to represent the City of Ekurhuleni on Facebook. The public is advised to only rely on information from our official website or other verified social media channels. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to our followers and the public at large.

We will continue to provide updates as we work to rectify this issue. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.