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Daveyton Ext 14 Serviced Stands Project Temporarily Halted After Community Disruptions

The City of Ekurhuleni has temporarily halted the process to hand over serviced stands at Daveyton Extension 14, and repair of damaged water and sanitation installations, after repeated community disruptions and vandalism.

The disruptions have resulted in financially unviable costs to the City such as contractor standing time payments and recurrent repairs due to vandalism. Once all issues that held back completion of the project and handover of the serviced stands are resolved, the City will resume. 

Before the disruptions, the City had repaired damaged geysers and bathroom equipment to make the stands ready for allocation. To that effect, Member of the Mayoral Committee for Human Settlements Cllr Lesiba Mpya has held successive community consultation meetings on 18 October and 29 November 2020 in preparation for a smooth allocation of the stands to the rightful beneficiaries.

A preliminary allocation to 16 beneficiaries was done before the community disruptions and intimidation of beneficiaries started. The beneficiaries were mainly backyard dwellers of Daveyton.

The contractor will therefore hand over the site to security officials to prevent further vandalism of property, whilst the City intervenes to prepare resumption of smooth allocation of the stands.

The Daveyton Extension 14 serviced stands project has a yield of 483 units, and 96% of the stands are ready for occupation. The project comprised of zoned stands with piped water, flushing toilets, water geysers, and sewer and stormwater infrastructure. The stands have title deeds that will be handed over to the beneficiaries to secure their right of ownership.