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Dems is Fully Equipped to Deal with All Sorts of Fire

The number of mushrooming private firefighting companies has confused some residents who tend to mistake them for the City of Ekurhuleni Disaster and Emergency Management Services (DEMS).

While some residents opt to use the services of private fire fighters when fires breaks in their properties, there are those who mistakenly call the private ones instead of the teams from DEMS.

“We have noted that a very few of the private companies have the necessary skills and equipment to contain fire, but most of them do not,” said DEMS Acting Spokesperson Eric Maloka.

 “In some parts of the City when fire breaks out residents call their local based firefighting companies. It is only when the raging fire becomes uncontrollable that they call our team. By then, you find that is already too late to salvage anything from the property,” he added

 Maloka said firefighting is a highly specialised field that need both skills and adequate equipment.

“When there is unplanned and uncontrolled fire, please call Ekurhuleni, it has both requirements,” Maloka assured.

He urged residents to first call the City when there is fire. If need be they may call the community based companies after.

DEMS can be reached on the City of Ekurhuleni life threatening call centre on 011 458 0911 for and life threatening situation. Residents can also call on 10177 or 112 any emergency.