Call an Ambulance for Emergencies

In Gauteng, the demand for ambulance services is too high due to the rising coronavirus infections.  

To avoid suffocating the ambulance service, it is important for community members to know that during this period only emergency life threatening services will be attended by ambulances.

Most people do not understand when it is necessary to call an ambulance. You can call an ambulance only for life-threatening situations.

An emergency is an unforeseen and unplanned combination of situations or circumstances that poses an immediate risk or threat to health, life, property, or environment, which require urgent intervention.

When to call an ambulance

The decision you make will vary from case to case. Either way, we would strongly advise you to immediately administer First Aid and call an ambulance if someone:

  • Appears not to be breathing, is having chest pain, struggling to breathe, or breathing strangely appearing to ‘suck in’ below their rib cage and using other muscles to help them to breathe.
  • Has a severe injury that is bleeding profusely, and you are unable to stop with direct pressure on the wound.
  • Is unconscious or unaware of what is going on around them or experiencing weakness, numbness, or difficulty speaking.
  • Has a seizure for the first time even if they seem to recover from it later. You should phone an ambulance if someone is having a seizure and the fitting lasts longer than 3 minutes.
  • Has a severe allergic reaction it is important to administer their adrenaline auto-injector (if they have one) and then phone an ambulance immediately.

City of Ekurhuleni Emergency Fire and Rescue Services: –

(011) 458- 0911: Life-Threatening Ekurhuleni Emergency Line

10177: National Toll-Free Number

112: Cell Phone

NB: For medical and trauma patient care, call Gauteng Ambulance Services on (011) 564-2211 or 564-2210.