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Ekurhuleni Cuts Down Overgrown and Fallen Trees

Ekurhuleni cuts down on overgrown 1Recent constant rain have brought about overgrown and fallen trees which pose a danger to the lives of the City and its people and is being addressed by the City’s parks department.

Emmanuel Maphorogo, Divisional Head for Parks and Cemeteries pleads with residents to avoid cutting down trees planted on pavements by the municipality, as this may be dangerous.

Residents can report overgrown or fallen trees to the City’s service delivery call centre on 0860 543 000, which will be responded to by his department.

“For safety purposes, we urge residents to contact the call centre and log a call for the removal of trees. A reference number will be issued and fallen tree will be removed. Residents must refrain from cutting or removing municipal trees on their own as this may be dangerous to them,” said Maphorogo.