Disconnecting Illegal Connections on Streetlights in Brakpan Yields Positive Results

A planned operation to disconnect illegal connections on streetlights in Vulcania South near Brakpan area yielded positive results as it led to the discovery of stolen cables belonging to the City.

A private security company contracted to the City working together with the Energy department’s officials carried out an operation on Wednesday, 16 June to disconnect illegally connected cables on streetlights.

The team managed to disconnect illegal connection from 13th Road in Vulcania Brakpan leading to the nearby Mkhancwa informal settlement, whereby 30m x 25mm of streetlight bundle wire was disconnected.

Meanwhile, further down the same road a 35m x 25mm streetlight bundle wire and 300m of aluminium wire was also disconnected.

On the last streetlight, the team discovered four connections on top using city owned stolen cable with 20m x 25mm streetlight bundle wire and 350mm aluminium wire that was also disconnected.

All cables and aluminium wires were taken to the Brakpan Energy workshop for safekeeping.