Interim Load Shedding Schedule for CoE

Eskom has introduced a nation-wide load shedding due to sudden loss of capacity at various power stations, and is implementing it directly at point of intake.

This means that the City’s load shedding schedules are not applicable. In an effort to assist consumers, a temporary load shedding schedule has been drafted for stages 1 to 8 over 31 days, covering all 24 hours of each day.

Eskom is implementing load shedding on two-hour cycles, but the City’s schedules indicates three hours. The additional time added is set aside for the City’s technical teams for switching. The demand for electricity is higher during the winter months and this may result in overload trips once Eskom supply is restored.

The City is in discussions with Eskom on possible exclusion of load shedding during stage 1 and 2 for industrial customers or other key customers in the City where network configuration allows for it.

The City urges all customers to save electricity by switching off all non-essential appliances. Customers are encouraged to switch off electrical appliances when load shedding is implemented to avoid possible damage due to power surges when supply is restored. Please be reminded to always treat electrical circuits as live at all times.