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Expects to Probe Houses Saturation

The City of Ekurhuleni is investigating what led to the seven homes in Phomolong to be soaked in water.

Kempton Park Customer Care Centre (CCC) manager, Isaac Bangilizwe said that the City’s specialist will investigate the source of the water that is sipping into these properties.  

“We have about seven houses that are water logged. It is not clear where is it coming from. There are ponds inside the properties. In some of them the water flow from the back to the front of the properties. Is not clear if it ground water or there is a leak somewhere. We hope our expects will help us determine what the problem is and fix it quicker,” Bangilizwe said.

Mhlongo, one of the residents said that the problem started when some people dumped the soil on the then open space to build a soccer ground.

“There was a constant water that was flowing on the north of these properties. After building this soccer ground the water started to come through the ground in these properties,” he said.


Phomolong resident, Mhlongo showing the delegation from the City of Ekurhuleni where did the water flow before.