Service Delivery

Get an Additional Waste Bin if one is not enough

Residents are reminded that refuse removal officials are not allowed to take additional refuse bags, branches or any other form of refuse placed on top of or next to 240ℓ wheelie bins.

The City phased out the smaller 85ℓ waste bins and brought in the bigger 240ℓ waste wheelie bins. Advantages of using the 240ℓ wheelie bins include the ability to minimise rodent infestation and related health hazards. The bigger bin also has extra capacity to contain more household waste.

In cases where more waste is generated than can be contained in one 240ℓ bin, an additional bin can be requested. When applying, please visit your nearest customer care centre and produce your identity document and municipal statement of account. Note that an extra monthly service fee of R174.41 (vat exclusive) per bin will be charged.

Residents are reminded to have their bins out at 07h00 on collection day to avoid missing the refuse truck doing the rounds.