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Green Bulk Walk-In Containers Set to Deal With Illegal Dumping

The days of illegally dumping waste in open spaces are gradually becoming inexcusable as the City avails yet another waste management plan.  The new bulk green walk-in containers are to encourage recycling and curb illegal dumping.

The six and 12-meter walk-in containers are petitioned into three compartments which includes storage of recyclables area, waste area and an office. It is also fitted with whirlybird to allow for ventilation. 

The City has deployed over 80 walk-in containers in informal settlements to provide residents with easily accessible waste off-loading facility and a recyclable waste sorting station.

Jaqueline Phiri from Madelakufa Informal Settlement in Thembisa works for Destination Group Recycling, a community-based corporative specializing in waste reclaiming. She earns her living through collecting recyclable waste.

“These containers could not have come at a better time. We now have easy access to buy or sell recyclables that we have collected. We no longer even have to pay a lot of money for transport to recycling centres,” said Jaqueline.

The walk-in containers will be serviced by the City’s Department of Waste Management Services through development contractors. All recyclables will benefit the community by integrating them into the mainstream Green Economy while saving the natural resources.