Service Delivery

Kempton Park Refuse Collection Back on Schedule

The City’s made great strides in clearing the refuse removal backlog in the Kempton Park area, and waste management services are now rendered according to the normal collection schedule.

Refuse removal services include the collection of the 240ℓ wheelie bins and 1,75m³ mini containers. In cases where there is non-collection of bins on scheduled days, collection is done the following day. In such instances extra refuse bags are collected to cover for waste generated from the day of non-collection. However, residents who generally have more waste to fit into a 240 ℓ bin are encouraged to get additional bins from the Kempton Park waste management depot as no extra refuse bags are collected when there is no backlog.

Additional charges are applicable for every additional bin.

The refuse collection schedule is as follows:


Glen Marais Proper &

EXT 1,2,22,31,91,112,118,67,56,36,7,15,32,132,143,24,26,53,25,10;

Glen Erasmia & EXT 1,5,7,6,4,19,14,21,22,47,48,28.

Aston Manor; Kempton Park (Agricultural Holdings); Nimrod Park;

Allen Grove EXT 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; Kempton Park EXT 4, Witfontein EXT 11


Birchleigh North Proper; Birchleigh North EXT 1,2 & 3;

Birch Acres Proper & EXT ,1 & 2;

Birchleigh & EXT 1,2,3,4,5,6,9,10,12,25

Norkem Park EXT 1,2,3;

Boswellville AH


Kempton Park EXT 2,3,5,8,11,20; Esther Park EXT 1, 13, 32;

Rhodesfield & EXT 1;Cresslawn, Croydon  & EXT 1; Spartan EXT 1,3,7,26; Witfontein (Serengeti Estates), Edleen EXT 3


Norkem Park EXT 4;

Birch Acres EXT 3,4,5,8,10,12;

Terenure EXT 74,15, 54,1,4,16,47,53,69,70,32,13,19,63,3,38,6,2 & AH;

Van Riebeck Park EXT 1,4,26,5,19,10,6,9,3,2,12,24,20 & AH;

Kempton Park West, Esselen Park (Transnet), Edleen EXT 1 from Rienert Avenue to EXT 5;

Restonvale AH; Citraville AH;


Bonaero Park & EXT 2,3,1;

Bredell EXT 3,25,26,55,15,41,14

Pomona & AH; Bredell AH, 1,2,11;

Glen Marais (AH); Brentwood Park (Portion of )

Kempton Park AH, EXT 1; Marister AH,

Norton Homes Estates AH& EXT 1;

Pomona Estates AH, EXT 53,27,28,26,147,56,205,154,161,140,187,189,83,75,105,87,20,22,70,97,248,90,232,3,119,106,113,78,2,29,155,168,57,167,142,150,159,128,76,181,158,211,36,30,45,139; Glen Marais EXT 2,74,17,33,98,82,81,137,58,55,109,52,133,66,66,108,136,100,86,

Brendwood Park (Portion Of)