Service Delivery

Kiddies Section in Our Libraries

The City has 47 libraries, one knowledge hub and two mobile libraries, all with kiddies’ sections that the community is urged utilize when it is permitted to do so.

The kiddies sections in our libraries have Early Childhood Development Programmes, story hours, baby computer laptops, toys as well as gaming rooms in some of the libraries. Parents can bring their children to the kiddies section as early as after birth and read children’s books to them in order to enhance and stimulate their development stages. Books in the library’s kiddies section are from baby books to young adults. If you read to a child as early as the age of 3 they will be able to grasp a million more words. “Libraries are such a great place to be and children can learn to adapt to a culture of reading at an early age’’ said Karin Muller, Head: Library and Information Services.

Early Childhood Development Centres within the City are encouraged and are allowed to visit our libraries and borrow toys for the kids in their centres.

For them to be able to borrow the toys they will need to visit their nearest library and register so that they can be able to borrow the toys for their kids.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all these services within the kiddies section as well as the library at large are closed until regulations allows. Only drop and collect services are allowed currently and community must also note that virtual library also have kiddies section and drop and collect service.