Service Delivery

Mid-Night Operations Leads To a Series of Cable Thieves Arrests

Various task team operations are proving to be fruitful in fighting the theft of electrical infrastructure in the city.

One such incident was reported when a team of law enforcers noticed a trench at Apex Overpass Bridge parallel to Heidelberg Road.

The open trench measured 8.5 meters in length and the nearby manhole was open and inside there was a cable stump of an electrical feeder line. Law enforcers confiscated the cable.

Meanwhile, the team responded to an urgent tip-off at Reading Bridge in Benoni, where they caught two suspects stripping a piece of cable. The suspects were arrested and another piece of matching cable was discovered a few meters from the crime scene.

All suspects were booked and charged with theft at the Actonville police station.

Two suspects appeared at the Benoni Magistrate court on Thursday, 15 April and the case was postponed for further investigation.

Residents are urged to report any illegal activity to the city’s service delivery call centre on 0860 543 000.