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Potholes in Tsakane Patched

Tsakane potholes 2Modjadji and Zulu streets in Tsakani were a hive of activity on Tuesday, on 9 February, when potholes were fixed.

Roads & Stormwater Department’s Chief Engineer Giel Meyer says, “These are the busiest roads in Tsakani as they are next to the shopping centre and service delivery offices such as police station and customer care centre.”

Meyer indicated that the City was on a war-path to eradicate potholes, and that the recent rains have worsened the condition of some of the City’s roads.

“We are hard at work to rehabilitate our roads for the safety of road users and residents. Maintaining a good infrastructure is our mission.”

Residents can report potholes and other road related issues to the services call centre on 0860 543 000 / or My CoE App.