Service Delivery

Power Restored to All Springs Customers

Power has been restored to all customers affected by the outage caused by the burning of the Springs JVA sub-station on Sunday, 16 February.

City’s technicians worked tirelessly to reconnect supply by erecting a temporary Ring Main Unit (RMU) structure, which is well capacitated to provide stable power supply to all customers.

Work that went into installing the temporary supply included the procurement of the RMUs, refurbishment of the existing large power transformer and cabling works.

Now that all customers are back on the grid, the City can focus on rebuilding the Springs JVA sub-station to return to its optimum performance over the next six months.

Customers are warned to always treat all electrical installations as live at all times.

The City of Ekurhuleni apologises for any inconvenience caused, and wishes to thank all customers in the Springs area for their continued patience during the power outage.