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Renewable Energy is a Cost Effective Solution for the City

City of Ekurhuleni has identified renewable energy mix as the alternative solution to curb and minimise escalating costs of electricity to its residents.

Energy supply management is likely to be one of the most complex problems for the city for now and in the immediate future, particularly being the industrial hub of the country.

As such, the increase in demand for energy and the cost of providing that energy may see an increase in the affordability of energy. Therefore, diverse energy supply will help reduce costs, power cuts, reduce the theft and maintenance of infrastructure and reduce Green House Gases and air pollution.

According to a study conducted by the city’s department of Environment Resources Management on “Alternative Energy & Investigation into Renewable Solutions Guidelines”, solar energy is the most suitable option for the city, as it requires less space and maintenance.

Currently, solar panels have already been installed on most of the city’s buildings. On rooftops and connected to the national grid to ease the pressure on the existing energy supply in the short term

Meanwhile, the city is also increasing solar panel installations on individual households, which will decrease residential household consumption.

Member of the Mayoral Committee for Environment Resources Management Cllr Makhosazana Mabaso says the department has identified Solar PV as the best available technology to invest in, in terms of renewable energy to augment the current status of increasing energy demand. The target set by the approved September 2017 Climate Change Strategy is that there needs to be 25% clean energy mix both renewable and energy efficiency by 2030.

MMC Mabaso further says the city has been moving in a conscientious direction and that means any initiative that makes our earth a healthier place is usually a safe bet. As such, solar panels make for a good financial decision for the city.


Pic 1: Solar panels plant at the O.R Tambo environment centre in Wattville.