City Cleans Stormwater Channels in Phomolong

Debris was removed from inside the stormwater drainage system at Ubuntu Street in Phomolong, Thembisa this week. This is part of the City wide campaign of cleaning of stormwater channels to reduce the risk of flooding.

According to Roads and Stormwater Thembisa Manager, residents are major role players to assist by reporting blocked stormwater drains and to refrain from throwing debris into the system.

“We have embarked on a drive of clearing stormwater channels across the City and we can plead with residents to play their part,” he said.

Items such as paper and even building rubble have been found dumped in stormwater drains, which causes floods during the rainy season. Communities are urged not to dump anything into the drains.

Please report all stormwater, and service delivery, related issues to the call centre through My CoE App, 0860 543 000 or .