City Constructs Stormwater Channels in Winnie Mandela

The City finished constructing stormwater channels in Winnie Mandela, Thembisa, at the end of October.

This was after Thembinkosi Primary School and houses in the vicinity experienced flooding during recent heavy rains. According to 16-year-old Boitumelo Khuse, a Grade 11 learner at the school, the rain made it difficult to come to school.

Roads and Stormwater Department depot manager in Thembisa Kgadi Marumo said, “We are constructing this stormwater channel for the safety of residents and, especially Thembinkosi Primary School, as it was negatively affected by floods during heavy rains. The stormwater channel will redirect the water to a nearby stream. We urge residents to refrain from throwing debris inside these channels, as that will lead to blockages.”

Residents are encouraged to report any faults or stormwater blockages to the City’s call centre on 0860 543 000/ or through My CoE App.