City Continues to Name the Streets

The installation of street name signs continues in the City with the latest being in Van Riebeeck Park in Kempton Park.

Head of Roads and Stormwater Department Sizwe Cele said, “Street names are important signs for road users and emergency services. During emergency calls street names guide and assure quick response for ambulances, fire engines or police services. In addition, a street name gives our resident a sense of belonging and ensures easy access to their residential areas.”

Mary Scheepers who lives in Drakensberg Avenue commended the City for replacing the old faded signs as it was difficult to direct visitors to her house, and also the postal letters were delivered at the wrong address.

“Street names give character and life to the space they occupy, often serving as historical markers for a city. Street names are the ultimate manifestation of a cities culture and ideologies,” she said.

In strengthening its partnership with its communities, please report all roads related issues through to the Call Centre on 0860 543 000/ or through My CoE App