The City of Ekurhuleni’s officials rolled their sleeves and got on to the business of fixing blocked Stormwater drainage systems and patching potholes during this week’s edition of the BACK2BASICS service delivery campaign led by the Executive Mayor Ald. Tania Campbell in Pomona, near Kempton Park on Friday, 15 July, 2022.

Heavy duty trucks traveling in residential areas and the recent flash floods from the torrential rains experienced at the beginning of the year have been identified as the main contributors to the damage to the city’s roads and Stormwater infrastructure.

As such, Executive Mayor Ald. Campbell is planning to convene an urgent meeting with industry owners who operate in the Pomona area, close to residential areas to discuss and find lasting solutions and to look into the idea of utilizing alternative routes to access their properties as opposed to driving through residential areas, to avoid further damage to streets that are not designed for heavy-duty trucks.

“If you are part of the problem, please work with us to be part of the solution,” said Executive Mayor as she invites industry leaders to come up with concrete solutions to challenges experienced in Pomona.

In addition, Ald. Campbell pleaded with the residents of Pomona to refrain from illegal dumping of waste as that contributes to the blockages of the Stormwater drainage system, subsequently resulting in flash floods during heavy rains.

“Our officials are out and about rehabilitating the Stormwater drainage systems in preparation for the coming rainy season. We, therefore, request residents to not dump waste or foreign objects on the system to avoid blockages,” said Ald. Campbell.

In addition, the Back2Basics service delivery campaign also attended to other service delivery issues such as fixing vandalised electrical infrastructure, grass cutting and cleaning of water streams in the area of Pomona.