City Promotes Safety During Transport Month

City promotes road safety 1October is Transport Month, and the City’s Department of Roads and Stormwater continues to promote safety of pedestrians and motorists.

This week they were found on the corner of Van Buuren and Kloof roads in Bedforview rebuilding road islands. This follows a thorough investigation by the department, in partnership with EMPD, concerning the number of accidents that were reported at this intersection.

Site manager Happy Kgole said, “The curbs that surrounds the island were not visible to motorists. We are in a process of changing them and redoing the sidewalk that will also accommodate members of community who use wheelchairs.

“This site here is surrounded by shopping centres so that makes it one of the busiest intersections, this is why we are separating pedestrians and motorists for their safety.”

The City has embarked on promoting safety for all road users, and this project will go a long way to ensuring safety of pedestrians and motorists.

One motorist, Geoffrey Schindler, was very relieved to see the City improving the condition of the road. “This is a good initiative by the City, as motorists we were sharing a road with pedestrians especially when you have to turn on the Kloof from Van Buuren,” he said.

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