City Replaces Faded Road Signs

Replacement of faded road signs is underway in Van Riebeeck Park (Ward 15) in Kempton Park.

This follows an assessment of the state of the signs and roads by the City’s Roads and Stormwater Department. Head of Department Sizwe Cele said, “It is our responsibility as a department to ensure the safety on our roads. We have identified road related issues that needed our attention, hence we are on the ground replacing the faded road signs for clear visibility.”

Residents in the area applauded the City for ensuring their safety on the roads. Jane Maharala, a resident of Van Der Lith Street where a faded stop sign was replaced, was excited to see the work done.

“This stop sign was not visible enough and it was the main cause of traffic congestion, especially during peak hours,” she said.

In strengthening its partnership with its communities, the City calls on residents and businesses to report all roads related issues through to its call centre on 0860 543 000/ or My CoE App.