Improved Waste Removal Services at Taxi Ranks

The relaxation of lockdown restrictions has resulted in more commuters returning to the transport nodes such as taxi ranks, and with that the amount of waste generated has also increased.

One of the key Covid-19 regulations is the upkeep of hygiene levels where there is increased human interaction. The City takes keeping taxi ranks free of litter seriously and now service them bi-weekly. This includes litter picking, bin clearing and removal of skip bins.

Due to the increase in commuters traffic, the waste removal services will be moving into taxi ranks twice a week to carry out services such as litter picking, bin clearing and skip bins removals.

Mandisa Phosa, the divisional head for Waste Management Services in the City, said taxi ranks tend to host many people, from commuters to vendors and taxi operators. “It is for this reason we pledged to intensify our assistance in keeping these facilities clean and well maintained for the covid-19 period and beyond.”

Mama Ester Skhosana, a vendor at Springs taxi rank, selling cooked and grilled corn mealies says, “Many taxi commuters enjoy corn mealies and the peels also result in littering. I have noticed the improved waste removal services at this taxi rank and the cleanliness.

“I have also taken it upon myself to ask my customers to use litter bins to throw away their waste after eating so we can assist in maintaining the cleanliness at our workplace,” said Mama Skhosana.

Furthermore, efforts to maintain cleanliness across the City have been intensified through the introduction of the Keep Ekurhuleni Clean Project, which began in March this year.


Pic 1: The clean and well-maintained Springs taxi rank.