Road users are informed that a portion of Lower Main Reef Road is temporarily closed at the Stanhope Road intersection in Wychwood going towards Heriodale, due to a sinkhole that has developed.

The road closure is a precautionary measure to allow the authorities to attend to the sinkhole. The extent of the damage and the severity of the sinkhole is not yet known, except for visible caving-in and a hole that extends to the side of the road.

MMC for Transport Planning Ald. Mabekenyane Thamahane has urged the public to use alternative routes in the meantime. Furthermore, members of the public are advised to refrain from visiting the site as the stability of the ground cannot be guaranteed.

“We understand this is a busy road as it leads to an industrial area, but it poses an imminent danger. As our teams are investigating we request motorists and other road users to refrain from using it,” he said.