Road Markings in Birchleigh Have Been Upgraded

Fading road marks at Malvina Street, Birchleigh North in Kempton Park were renewed by the Roads & Stormwater Department of the City of Ekurhuleni.

James Miller, a resident of Birchleigh North said the non- visibility of road marks were negatively affecting motorists in the area.

“This street has been a nightmare for us as motorists as the road marks here are not visible, posing a danger to motorists. I am very happy to see the city responding to our concern as the residents and motorists of this area,” Miller said.

According to the Roads & Stormwater Department, road markings provide valuable information to drivers and other road users. They represent rules that are in place to keep road users safe, and help to communicate messages to drivers and pedestrians that can maintain order and reduce accidents

In strengthening its partnership with its communities, the city is calling upon its residents to report all road related issues through its call centre on 0860 543 000 or through My CoE App.