Roads Cleaned for Road Safety

Roads cleaned for road safety 2The City’s was seen sweeping George Bester Street in Norkem Park (Ward 91) as part of its maintenance programme and also to keep the road and sidewalks clean and safe for road users.

Head of Roads and Stormwater Department Sizwe Cele said, “One of the causes of accidents on our roads is clogged sand on the tar which could result in motorists losing control of their vehicles. To fulfil our responsibility of ensuring road safety, we sweep the roads.”

Cele emphasised that sweeping roads not only provides safety for road users but also reduces the risk of blocked stormwater drains as sweeping removes the debris and sand that can easily block the drainage system during the rainy season.

A resident of George Bester Street, Michale Moore, applauded the service delivery taking place in his neighbourhood. “The City has indeed come out for us, apart from promoting safety by sweeping our streets it is also good for our living condition and environment.”

The City encourages the residents to report all service delivery issues through the call centre on 0860 543 000 / or via My CoE App.