Traffic Congestion in Spartan Timeously Addressed

traffic congestion 5The City responded to requests by the business community in Spartan to install stop signs on the busy industrial roads so as to reduce traffic congestion.

Businesses in Spartan were negatively affected by traffic congestion during peak hours due to no traffic calming measures, such as a stop signs and road markings.

Jan de Wet, owner of a delivery company in the area, thanked the City for a timeous response to their cry for assistance.

“As the business community of Spartan we are indeed grateful for the good work we are seeing here. Now our deliveries will reach their destinations in time and that will really put a smile on our customers’ faces and our profit margins will improve,” said an impressed De Wet.

Roads are arteries through which the economy pulses. The City contributes approximately 9% to the country’s national economy as it is home to many industries. Opening the roads to avoid congestion is part of service delivery.

In strengthening relations with businesses and residents, the City encourages them to report any road related issues to the call centre on 0860 543 000/ or My CoE app.