Service Delivery


The public is informed that the Rondebult Clinic is now offering a full health service following the restoration of power in the area recently.

The facility went into full operation yesterday after a prolonged power outage that lasted a couple of weeks. The cause of the electricity supply interruption was illegal power connections which resulted in an overload that ended up damaging certain electricity supply gear in the area.

“Illegal power connections are a serious inconvenience to the city and her people. The incident at the clinic is clear proof that this is indeed a major problem. Patients had to be referred to neighbouring clinics because their own clinic could not offer a full bouquet of services due to the power outage,” explains metro spokesman Zweli Dlamini.

“The city strongly condemns these acts and encourages the public to blow the whistle on such criminal activities.”

Meanwhile, during the power outage, the city installed solar panels at the clinic which will now be used as backup in the event of an outage.

Anyone with information about the criminals connecting power illegally and stealing cables is encouraged to inform the police on 08600 10111 or visit the nearest police station or EMPD precinct.