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Social Media Content about Sign Language Services at the Springs Library

SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT FOR SIGN LANGUAGE SERVICE IN SPRINGS LIBRARY 2The City’s Library and Information Services is now offering sign language service at the Springs Library. The library assist patrons who uses sign language with reader guidance and reference, and this makes the library a pleasant place to be as people can be assisted freely and be made to feel home in the language they understand which is sign language.

This service is the first in our libraries and the newly renovated Springs library is the only one which is able to provide that service through one of its employees by the name of Woudette Lottering. Woudette has started working at the Springs library at a tender age of 20 in 1991 and she has been with the library for the past 30 years as a Library Aide. She has worked in various sections in the library, and for the last 20 years, being in the Children’s Section, and her experience will be vital in assisting the deaf in all their library needs. She communicates by writing and lip reading in Afrikaans, and she can also communicate with patrons with different kinds of disabilities.

 The Department is currently looking at extending the service to other libraries in order to cater for people with disabilities across the City. For more information about any library related matter contact your nearest library or