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Strategic Urban Development Set to Turn the City Around

The City of Ekurhuleni’s prospects to be viable are largely dependent on its ability to define and utilize its unique core competencies and competitive advantages in relation to other municipalities. The City’s undertaking to make land available for strategic development projects is vital in unlocking the economic growth and transformation of the City. The establishment of the 11 large scale Strategic Urban Development are set to become key drivers of economic performance of the City.

The Carnival Junction

The partnership with massive-scale private sector entities specializing on infrastructure development projects is bound to turn the town of Brakpan into one of the biggest economic nodes in the City.   

Carnival Junction is an extensive, large scale mixed use development that is anticipated to develop in phases over the development horizon of 15 to 20 years. The development forms part of the Greater Carnival Node and comprises of mixed land uses varying from Big Box Retail; Themed Retail; Automotive; Offices and Private Hospital.

The first phase of this development in Dalpark Ext 19, contains a number of planned commercial uses such as a Makro, a Build-It and Hyundai Dealership that will trigger the installation of services and development of the entire mixed-use development.

To date, Makro has been constructed and opened during the 2016/17 financial year. Build-It has completed construction. Site Development Plan of Country Mall is presently in circulation for departmental comments.

The expansion of industrial and service sectors plays a crucial role in emerging economies. They assist in providing a service to the consumers of goods, contribute towards the increase in national income and output, but more importantly provide employment opportunities for surrounding communities.