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Tampering with Electricity Supply Causes Outages

Winter is fast approaching and the City will face an increase in power interruptions in some areas due to higher demand. Illegal connections and meter bypassing also add to the supply demand.

Occurrences of overload tripping is higher during the peak hours of 05h00 and 07h30 and 17h00 to 20h00 during the cold winter season.

Currently, the City’s fight against the scourge of illegal connection is intensified by continuing to identify and monitor hot-spot areas that have more frequent power failures, and to address them speedily.

Resources have been invested to strengthen the power supply grid in identified areas in preparation for winter. Strengthening of the network system can only be a success if there is no tampering with electricity infrastructure or illegal connections.

When residents bypass electricity meters voltage network and transformers fail, as the overload protection for the transformer is no longer functional.

The City cautions customers that have had their electricity supply disconnected, or their prepaid meter blocked due to credit control measures, that power will only be restored once they have made payment of the necessary payment arrangements with the finance department.

You can report outages to the City’s call centre on 0860 543 000, email or use My COE App – please ensure you receive a reference number when logging a call.