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The Future Looks Bright for Vumbuka Informal Settlement with Electrification Underway

vumbuka leaderResidents of Vumbuka, an informal settlement in Volsoorus, will have a very bright Christmas as the City prepares to switch on the electricity plug for the first time in the area.

 Vumbuka Informal Settlement in Ward 44 is on the footprint of the Sotho hostel buildings. It accommodates 795 households. 

The area was known as a haven of illegal connections, where residents made it a habit of stealing electricity from the Sotho hostel.

It is because of these cunning thievery that prompted the City to embark on a reblocking programme in September 2019.

Through the reblocking programme, the City aimed at improving access to basic water and sanitation, electricity and waste collection for residents of Vumbuka.

Community Leader and Sotho hostel dweller Qondani Mthethwa said he was the one who facilitated for the electrification of Vumbuka.

“I took a stand to fight for the people of Vumbuka after the hostel dwellers were experiencing too many power-outages due to illegal connections from Vumbuka informal settlement. I am happy to witness the transformation,” he said.
Member of Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Human Settlements Lesiba Mpya said the main purpose of the re-blocking process is to ensure that all informal settlements’ communities have access to basic services.

“Electrification of Vumbuka is in its final stages and the community will soon buy their own electricity vouchers,” MMC Mpya said.