Waste Management


The City of Ekurhuleni discourages residents from handing out Christmas gifts to waste management services workers during the festive season, as this may have a negative impact on service delivery and may also result in unnecessary injuries and incidents of damage to property.

In the past, generous residents would give the workers gifts ranging from money to alcohol, and this compromised our ability to render waste collection services effectively.

“The situation can even get worse if an employee decides to drink while on duty and ends up injured or causing damage to someone’s property while discharging their duties. While the employees know that drinking on duty is prohibited, a tempting situation must be discouraged and prevented at first sight.

“We would also like to make residents aware that the City’s employees are forbidden from soliciting Christmas gifts from members of the public, as this goes against council policy, making the practice illegal,” explains metro spokesman Zweli Dlamini, adding that ‘residents are reminded that they are not obliged to offer any gifts to our staff.

The City further takes the opportunity to encourage ratepayers and residents alike who are approached and/or harassed by the municipal staff for gifts or donations during this period to report such incidents to the metro for further investigation and possible consequence management.

“Should employees request gifts from residents, it is advisable for residents to record the names of the employees, vehicle registration number and if possible, pictures of the employees and vehicle, so that the matter can be easily dealt with,” advises Dlamini.

These incidents should be reported directly to the City’s service delivery Call Centre on 0860 543 000.

Meanwhile, the City wishes to inform members of the public that waste removal services will be delivered as per the waste collection calendar on the following public holidays: 16, 26 and 27 December.

It is also important to note that all municipal public offloading facilities (mini sites) and landfills will be open throughout the festive season.